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We understand that your technology needs vary, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Our Pace Setter Consulting Package is a suite of service tiers tailored to meet your unique requirements, all under one comprehensive offering. Whether you’re taking your first steps or racing towards a critical project, we’ve got you covered.

Get the benefit of a known fixed cost with the ability to change our engagement involvement as your business needs change. Each month, determine your speed. Pick up the speed at any time to match your business needs. Slow down at the next month or keep up the pace to match your business goals.


For everyday, low urgency projects and consultative support

  • Set up a 1-hour monthly consultation to discuss anything tech-related.
  • Our team conducts in-depth research on technology topics of your choice.
  • Minor bug fixes and troubleshooting, ensuring your systems run smoothly.
  • Ongoing cyber-monitoring to keep your digital world secure.

This ongoing pace ensures that we’re keeping an eye on your business and making sure you’re going in the right direction.


For everyday, low urgency projects with light development needs

  • Includes all features from the “Walk” tier.
  • Execute short, high-value and low-urgency projects: software architecture or development, project management, or tech planning and administration
  • Expert guidance on optimizing your technology stack.

We’re keeping the ongoing pace of the Walk, but are adding in some light development tasks to improve existing process or apps as we go. Larger scope development tasks will span several months.

Let’s have a conversation to talk about your specific needs!


For medium urgency or complexity projects

  • All “Walk” and “Trot” tier benefits.
  • Weekly 30-minute meetings for more active project development.
  • Ideal for projects with a longer timeframe where collaboration is key.

As we gain some speed, we meet more often to make sure we’re aligned on your goals. Our businesses are synchronized to meet goals and we can make business decisions faster.


For higher urgency or medium complexity projects

  • All the features of “Walk,” “Trot,” and “Canter.”
  • Weekly 30- to 60-minute meetings and daily check-ins.
  • High visibility for active projects with critical deadlines.
  • Typically 50% development, 50% management/planning

This fast-paced speed puts more of our time and resources into your gait. Tackle larger, more complex projects and get more done.

Racing Gallop

For extremely urgent and/or extremely time-sensitive projects

  • Includes everything in the lower tiers.
  • Daily check-ins or 30- to 60-minute meetings, as necessary.
  • Maximum visibility for active projects with urgent deadlines.
  • Requires a minimum 2-week advance notice before we can start at this speed, ensuring we’re ready when you are.

When you really have to move on something, the Racing Gallop trumps them all. But just like any race, this speed is meant for short-term sprints. Engagements expected to go at this speed for more than 3 months are considered on a case-by-case basis.

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Why Choose Our Pace Setter Consulting Package?

    • Tailored Solutions: Find the perfect fit for your project’s pace and priority.
    • Expert Guidance: Access our team’s extensive knowledge and experience.
    • Scalability: Move between tiers as your needs evolve.
    • Flexible Pricing: Competitive rates designed to provide exceptional value.
    • Cybersecurity Included: Stay protected with ongoing cyber-monitoring.

Make your technology journey a breeze with the Pace Setter Consulting Package. Choose the tier that matches your needs and let us be your trusted partner in tech. Ready to get started or have questions? Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation.

Service Terms: Engagements require an initial minimum 3-month commitment. Changes to Pace are dependent on availability and capacity. Any change to Pace is effective at the beginning of the next period. In some instances, we may allow an immediate Pace change; fees are prorated from date of change to your next period start date. Gallop and Racing Gallop are billed via Stripe ACH Direct Debit only.

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Whether you're at a Walk or a Racing Gallop, we'll meet your business where you are to get you to the finish line!